Friday, 21 April 2017

One Week to Go!

I didn't get round to updating this blog after my last trip to the orthodontist, so I'll catch up now.

When I went about six weeks ago, I was told my braces were very nearly ready to be removed.

The elastic bands returned to their original position, as the teeth had moved back a little. I then made three appointments. The first I had on Wednesday 19th April. The orthodontist covered my braces with wax and then took impressions of both the top and bottom teeth. This was needed to create retainers which I will need to wear at night to prevent my teeth from doing their own thing.

The second is next week when they'll be coming off!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fantastic Progress and a New Elastic Band

Excuse the frightening photos!

It's exactly one calendar year since I had my braces fitted and they have almost finished their work.

I went to the orthodontist yesterday and she was delighted and amazed at the effectiveness the elastic bands had made over the last 13 weeks. Apparently, many people are reluctant to persevere with them, so the correction process can take much longer. If there's one thing I've gained with age, that is perseverance!

The orthodontist has now given me some more bands, this time to correct some sliding [not sure what that is]. I now have a band running from the inside of the second to last molar on my top right to the outside of the second to last at the bottom. It's a bit trickier to attach, but has the advantage of not being quite so visible.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Elastic Bands on my Teeth!

During the last few months my teeth have continued to move. Gaps have appeared between my bottom left and right teeth.

For the first time since I  had them fitted I needed to use the gel strips to relieve a sore patch caused by rubbing. The only problem, I was away on holiday and hadn't bothered to take the strips with me, typical!

Today I went to the orthodontist. She created a couple of little hooks from which I now have to hook a tiny elastic band between my top and bottom teeth. These are called elastics, which are being used to correct a slant that has developed now that my teeth have become more upright. I had a bit of a struggle to begin with, but with the aid of a pair of tweezers I think I will get the hang of it.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

An Early Trip to the Orthodontist

Although I really had another three weeks before my next orthodontic appointment, I ended up going last Wednesday, 1st June. Despite being a great deal more careful with what and how I eat, I still managed to break the wire on my top, right, back. This time there was no warning looseness and it was no bother at all.

During my last appointment, Mrs Laminam had added what I can only describe as a 'spring' to my bottom set. This stretched across the tooth at a sideways angle and the teeth on either side of it. Over the next three weeks a gap appeared, which I presume is to give the tooth space to turn round in.

On this trip, my orthodontist not only replaced the broken top wire, but removed the spring like piece and repositioned a couple of the brackets on the bottom set.

While my fang had been it's original position, it had never had any wear, so consequently as it moved down level with the others, I presumed it would take some time for me to smooth it down naturally. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when she filed them down with an electric tool.

Again, my challenge is not to break them, as my next appointment is in eight weeks time. Food to avoid this month is granary bread!

'Fangs' are no longer pointed and blend in with the other top teeth.

It's hard to see the gap created by the 'spring', but this is the clearest picture.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Broken Braces - Wednesday 4th May 2016

Everything has been going fine with my braces, in fact most of the time I forget I have them. Maybe that has been the problem. I have become complacent and have not been so careful in what and how I eat.
I first noticed something was not quite right about a week ago, when the wire on the back teeth felt a little loose. On Saturday the wire on the bottom right back tooth came away, followed on Sunday by the left side and the top right side yesterday.
Fortunately, my orthodontic appointment was today, Wednesday. Mrs. Laminam, my orthodontist had to remove both wires and put new ones in. They all feel a lot tighter now, except the bottom left which wiggles about a bit. I must try harder not to break them this time, I must eat with more care from now on.
On the plus side, my teeth have moved significantly. My fang is now sitting next to its neighbours, instead of above it. A funny sideways tooth on the bottom row has also moved and is looking better too.


Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Teeth are really moving! - 2 months - 30th March 2016

I had my first appointment since having my braces fitted two weeks ago and my orthodontist was very pleased with my teeth's progress. Personally I was just pleased to have survived without any breakages.

The two weeks prior to my appointment, my teeth felt loose and as if they were being tugged, but no pain as such. Since having the braces adjusted and tightened, both the looseness and tugging has stopped.

In the last week or so, I have noticed that my 'fang' canine tooth has visibly moved. It now sits between it's neighbours and not above them. I have been pleasantly surprised that there has been such a visible difference so soon.

Me with no make up!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

First Month - 2nd March 2016

It hasn't been too bad so far. I was very tentative at first, as I was unsure how strong the braces were. I had been warned to avoid hard foods such as apples and nuts, but I found myself nibbling on just about everything just to be on the safe side
I had been given some gel cushions that I could use on my gums if I found the braces rubbing. I've not needed them so far. I've had slightly sore insides to my cheeks, but my gums have been fine. I hope I've been brushing them properly. Maybe it's just the sonic toothbrush that's not so abrasive?

As for aches and discomfort, there hasn't been a problem. Occasionally two or three teeth will feel tender, as if they have being tugged. A bit like when you eat a particularly crusty piece of bread and you have to pull at it with your teeth [which I mustn't do at the moment]. This surprises me, as I would have thought any sensation of tugging would happen for a week or two after they are fitted or adjusted, not come and go four weeks in.

I need to remember to take my little brushes where ever I'm likely to eat. Food easily gets stuck and I would be mortified if I found I had been smiling at people with bits of green vegetable stuck in my teeth. The other day I forgot to take my brushes to school [I work as a teaching assistant], so after lunch there was a lot of rinsing, sucking of teeth and smiling with my mouth closed!

Anyway, my next appointment is on 16th March and I'll find out then whether I've been doing the right thing.