Sunday, 6 March 2016

First Month - 2nd March 2016

It hasn't been too bad so far. I was very tentative at first, as I was unsure how strong the braces were. I had been warned to avoid hard foods such as apples and nuts, but I found myself nibbling on just about everything just to be on the safe side
I had been given some gel cushions that I could use on my gums if I found the braces rubbing. I've not needed them so far. I've had slightly sore insides to my cheeks, but my gums have been fine. I hope I've been brushing them properly. Maybe it's just the sonic toothbrush that's not so abrasive?

As for aches and discomfort, there hasn't been a problem. Occasionally two or three teeth will feel tender, as if they have being tugged. A bit like when you eat a particularly crusty piece of bread and you have to pull at it with your teeth [which I mustn't do at the moment]. This surprises me, as I would have thought any sensation of tugging would happen for a week or two after they are fitted or adjusted, not come and go four weeks in.

I need to remember to take my little brushes where ever I'm likely to eat. Food easily gets stuck and I would be mortified if I found I had been smiling at people with bits of green vegetable stuck in my teeth. The other day I forgot to take my brushes to school [I work as a teaching assistant], so after lunch there was a lot of rinsing, sucking of teeth and smiling with my mouth closed!

Anyway, my next appointment is on 16th March and I'll find out then whether I've been doing the right thing.

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