Friday, 21 April 2017

One Week to Go!

I didn't get round to updating this blog after my last trip to the orthodontist, so I'll catch up now.

When I went about six weeks ago, I was told my braces were very nearly ready to be removed.

The elastic bands returned to their original position, as the teeth had moved back a little. I then made three appointments. The first I had on Wednesday 19th April. The orthodontist covered my braces with wax and then took impressions of both the top and bottom teeth. This was needed to create retainers which I will need to wear at night to prevent my teeth from doing their own thing.

The second is next week when they'll be coming off!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fantastic Progress and a New Elastic Band

Excuse the frightening photos!

It's exactly one calendar year since I had my braces fitted and they have almost finished their work.

I went to the orthodontist yesterday and she was delighted and amazed at the effectiveness the elastic bands had made over the last 13 weeks. Apparently, many people are reluctant to persevere with them, so the correction process can take much longer. If there's one thing I've gained with age, that is perseverance!

The orthodontist has now given me some more bands, this time to correct some sliding [not sure what that is]. I now have a band running from the inside of the second to last molar on my top right to the outside of the second to last at the bottom. It's a bit trickier to attach, but has the advantage of not being quite so visible.