Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Broken Braces - Wednesday 4th May 2016

Everything has been going fine with my braces, in fact most of the time I forget I have them. Maybe that has been the problem. I have become complacent and have not been so careful in what and how I eat.
I first noticed something was not quite right about a week ago, when the wire on the back teeth felt a little loose. On Saturday the wire on the bottom right back tooth came away, followed on Sunday by the left side and the top right side yesterday.
Fortunately, my orthodontic appointment was today, Wednesday. Mrs. Laminam, my orthodontist had to remove both wires and put new ones in. They all feel a lot tighter now, except the bottom left which wiggles about a bit. I must try harder not to break them this time, I must eat with more care from now on.
On the plus side, my teeth have moved significantly. My fang is now sitting next to its neighbours, instead of above it. A funny sideways tooth on the bottom row has also moved and is looking better too.



  1. Ouch! I remember that happening to me when I had my braces. I still remember the feeling of the wire stabbing me in the cheek and having to use copious amounts of dental wax to cover it up until my next appointment. It’s great to know your teeth started moving, though. That's a great step!

  2. Thanks, Joanne. I've managed to get through a whole eight weeks this time without breaking anything. I didn't have any wires on the back teeth, so it was easier.

  3. We are looking to get braces for my daughter; your post has helped us see some of the pitfalls we will all face. I never knew the wires might come loose, so this is something we’ll ask about when we find an orthodontist. I'm glad to hear your teeth are moving into their rightful place and hope your progress continues.

    1. Don't let the broken braces put your daughter off, it is worth it in my opinion. The broken braces only happened twice in a year and that was mostly due to my careless eating of the things I was advised to avoid. I really haven't found the process that difficult and the results are remarkable.