Sunday, 5 June 2016

An Early Trip to the Orthodontist

Although I really had another three weeks before my next orthodontic appointment, I ended up going last Wednesday, 1st June. Despite being a great deal more careful with what and how I eat, I still managed to break the wire on my top, right, back. This time there was no warning looseness and it was no bother at all.

During my last appointment, Mrs Laminam had added what I can only describe as a 'spring' to my bottom set. This stretched across the tooth at a sideways angle and the teeth on either side of it. Over the next three weeks a gap appeared, which I presume is to give the tooth space to turn round in.

On this trip, my orthodontist not only replaced the broken top wire, but removed the spring like piece and repositioned a couple of the brackets on the bottom set.

While my fang had been it's original position, it had never had any wear, so consequently as it moved down level with the others, I presumed it would take some time for me to smooth it down naturally. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when she filed them down with an electric tool.

Again, my challenge is not to break them, as my next appointment is in eight weeks time. Food to avoid this month is granary bread!

'Fangs' are no longer pointed and blend in with the other top teeth.

It's hard to see the gap created by the 'spring', but this is the clearest picture.

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